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Company Profile

About the Company  :-


TSR Data Processing is a professionally managed organization, with a well defined structure designed for effective work flow and communication, designed to meet the basic requirement of an information processing and software development and act as consultants, advisors, developers and traders in computer programming, system design, software designing, data compilation.


Work Environment :-

Work environment like building, workspace and associated utilities, process equipments (Hardware/ Software) such as transport and communication needed to achieve product quality are identified, provided and maintained.


T.S.R. Data Processing & OMR scanning: Control of production and service provision


  To enable successful completion of work, the director will ensure necessary resources are made available. TSR Data Processing record and maintain registers of calibrated certificate exists for all equipment to insure that it is not inadvertently used and that a suitable calibration certificate exists for all equipment in use.


Measurement Analysis & Improvement:-


TSR Data Processing monitors and measures the effectiveness of its management systems through internal audit to ensure that the systems are competently implemented. Other operational monitoring is taken to ensure that the services are undertaken to a satisfactory quality.

               A quality assessment of product and service is undertaken by TSR Data Processing using the customer satisfaction questionnaire. This company describes the measures taken to ensure that non-confirming product is properly controlled and covers, but is not limited to in-house product; customer returns purchased goods and external services. All non confirming- products are identified and segregated to prevent its inadvertent use or delivery.              

All non- confirming products are identified and segregated to prevents its inadvertent use or delivery. Details of the non- conformance are documented defining the product type, deviation. From standard & quantity involved. An immediate intimation is given to the concerned function to take timely action to ascertain the cause of non- conformance and its elimination.

             Non-conformance details are passed for review and disposition to the authority concerned, which shall include (as appropriate) customer purchasing, production and quality assurance.          

Management Function


This manual is applicable through out the company. It defines the company’s Management policies with regard to the application of quality Management Systems in all areas of activities, which have influence on the quality of the products supplied to our customers.


The manual has been prepared based on ISO 9001:2008 and is designated to be used as a basic reference document which outlines in broad terms, the controls operated to ensure that the requirements of Quality Management Standard can be met.


Implementation of the policies defined herein is by means of Quality Management System Procedures, which define specific responsibilities and detail the essential controls that must be exercised in carrying out the various activities during the course of a contract/ activities.


To reduce need for revision of this manual, reference is made in the text to those particular procedures, in which the required control is located. This manual, therefore, will not be subject to revision frequently. However, the adition number of the manual may be changed subject to any modifications/ revision of International Standards.


Quality Objectives:-


Overall quality objectives department/ functional Quality objectives are established to meet product requirements and these objectives are established to meet product requirements and these objectives are measurable and are consistent with the quality policy.


Manual Control:-

Company policies with respect to the application of Management Systems are defined at the highest level applicable to the services and products of the company. Any change to the policies defined by lowering the standards would warrant a complete withdrawal of the manual by the Management Representative. All changes to the systems for whatever reason and notification of applicable changes to approving authorities are fully controlled through respective procedures. The manual is approved by DIRECTOR and is then issued by Management Representative.


Representative Management is pleased to appoint Mr. Ajeet, Mr. Manoj, Mr. Mohazzib ,Miss. Arti and Miss Priyanka.



Management Responsibility


Management Commitment: This section describes the means by which the Company acknowledges its responsibility and emphasizes its commitment for the development and implementation of the quality management system and continually improving its effectiveness.


Customer focus: The top management has ensured that the customer statuary and regulatory requirements are understood and the same are fulfilled by obtaining customer feedback form this time to time.

Quality Policy: The top management has established a quality policy which is in line with the business process of the organization with a focus on continual improvement at Quality Management System.




The Quality Policy is controlled and the same is prominently displayed and communicated to all employees for better understanding.



T.S.R. Data Processing & OMR Scanning

Provides product and services to improve  productivity using a range of imaging technology. We have expended the market for the technology.

  • OMR Technology Solution (Optical Mark Reader)
  • ICR/OCR from Processing Technology Solution (Intelligent Character Reorganization)
  • Document Management Solution (DMS).
  • Digitization of Scanned Documents, Imaging Technology Services, I.T. Solution & Software (DSDIT).


T.S.R. Data Processing & OMR Scanning 

It runs service bureaus to handle high volume data application through the use of these technologies. Typical applications include application from processing.  Objective testing and survey etc. Scanning/Book filling services are also offered.


T.S.R Data Processing & OMR Scanning  

It is a professionally managed organization with a well defined structure designed for effective work flow and communication designed to meet the basic requirement of an information processing and software development organization where speed effectively all aspects of data conversion and verification while achieving and maintaining the specified levels of accuracy. The promoters who have vast experience in all fields of data processing and in their previous assignments and filled senior position in organizations of repute manage the day-to-day affairs.

T.S.R Data Processing & OMR Scanning

It uses “Information Management Research” (IMR) products for document management. The Alchemy Solution suite allow users to capture, archive and share documents on the network or the web.

Organization can radically cut down on storage space and save valuable management time in quickly filling, archiving, searching, location, accessing and forwarding critical business documents from their PC’s.

CD’s can now replace filling cabinets all the documents contained one filling cabinet (approx 10,000-12,000 pages) can be strored on one CD. Alchemy provides filling and indexing capabilities, which allows users to quickly search and locate any document. Documents can be printed, faxed or E-mailed from within the systems leading to signification saving.

The Alchemy web server allow yours filling systems to be put on the web where users from remote location cab access it. The software provides sufficient security to ensure that data and documents are kept confidential and only authorized person have access to them.


T.S.R Data Processing & OMR Scanning

Also offered low cost documents solution for individuals, home, offices and small work groups to derive all the benefits or using these technologies at reasonable cost.



T.S.R Data Processing & OMR Scanning uses AXIOME ALPHA SA, Switzerland and Scranton Corporation, U.S.A for their range of Optical Mark Reader with scanning speed up to 7500 double side A4 Documents.

Apart from the standard OMR application in the education market segment for examination answer sheet evaluation forms, T.S.R Data Processing (P) Ltd has successfully converted various other segment, Viz, Government , Service Industry, Health Care by redesigning the form and also providing scan bureau facilities.



T.S.R Data Processing & OMR Scanning

 To purchase or otherwise acquire, own and deal in all  materials, substance and other articles and apparatus and thing capable of being used in any of the aforesaid businesses and to own, and otherwise acquire and use facilities of whatever kind as may be convenient or useful or conducive to the effecting working of the main business or any part thereof.

T.S.R Data Processing & OMR Scanning  

To send money in experimenting upon the testing and in improving or seeking to improve any patents, rights, inventions, discoveries, processes or information of the company or which the company may acquire or propose to acquire.


T.S.R Data Processing & OMR Scanning  

To undertake financial and obligation, transaction and operations of all kind connected with the main objects or business of the company and ensure the property of the company from liability or loss in any respect.


T.S.R Data Processing & OMR Scanning  

Subject to the provisions of the companies Act, to lease, hire, exchange, mortgage, royalty or tribute, grant licenses, easements, options and other right over in any other manner deal with or dispose off the whole or any part of the undertaking, property, assets, right and effects of the company for such consideration as may be thought fit and in particular for stock, shares whether fully or partly paid-up, or securities, of any other company having objects in whole or in part similar to those of the company or as  may be approved by the shareholders.


T.S.R Data Processing & OMR Scanning  

Subject to the provision of section 58A and 292 of the companies Act, 1956 and rules made there under and the direction issued by the Reserve Bank of the Indian, to receive money on deposit or loan and borrow or raise money in such manner as the company shall think fit, and in particular by the issue of debentures, or debenture stock (perpetual or otherwise) and to secure the payment of any money borrowed or owing by mortgage, charge or lien upon all or of any of the property or assets of the company (both present and future) including its uncalled capital and also by a similar mortgage, charge or lien, to secure and guarantee the performance by the company of any obligation undertaken by the company.


T.S.R Data Processing & OMR Scanning

 To purchase, take on tenancy or exchange, hire, take options over or otherwise acquire for any estate or interest, whatsoever and to hold, develop, deal with and turn to account, concessions, grants, decrees, licenses, privileges, claims, options, property,  real or personal or rights or powers of any kind which may appear to be necessary or convenient for the main business of the company.


T.S.R Data Processing & OMR Scanning  

To pay for any rights or property acquired by the company and to remunerate any person. The servants of the company, firm or body corporate rendering services to the company either by cash payment or by allotment to him or them of shares or securities of the company as paid up in full or in part or otherwise, and out of and in proportion to the profit of the company or any money received by way of premium, or share of debentures issued at a premium and dividend accrued on forfeited shares or from unclaimed dividends as think fit.

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